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JM Pressure is a Long Island power washing company that services all of Nassau & Suffolk County with an array of services suvh as roof cleaning, windows, gutter debris removal and more. With our new website we are entering an exciting time for our well established and successful business. Now, we are glad to announce our new website as the next step in a long line of accomplishments for our services.

Our website is designed with the complete interests of our customers in mind. It is our hope, that our website will give our customers the ability to learn all there is to know about power washing, our services and how they can help you.

The biggest thing you need to know about our company is the vast savings that it can offer you for your home bill. We strive to stop problems before they get out of hand, or when they can put a dent in your wallet. For example, clogged gutters can often lead to problems with your overall drainage system, or roof in general. These little problems, if left unfixed, will fester into bigger problems. That’s where we come in. Through our highly trained and expert staff, we can detect the tell tale signs of a small problem, that will lead to a big one. By doing so, we can save you an awful lot of money in the long run.

Since our inception, we have been guided by a few specific principles. First, and foremost, is great customer service and all else that that entails. However, it is also about delivering a quality product time after time. If our reputation says anything, and the fact that we have grown strictly from word of mouth referrals, I think we’re off to a good start.

If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us for a free estimate. Our staff will get back to you promptly, and we can begin the process of helping you with your homeowner needs

We are JM Pressure Washing, the Long Island pressure washing experts. We offer a variety of services ranging from roofing cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning and more.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions About pressure washing from our customers.

1. What are some of the ways that make you a better than other power washing companies on Long Island?

One reason is that JM Pressure cleans with heated water. Heated water cleans more effective than cold water. It works the same way as when you wash dishes. Second we are very professional when dealing with our client's property. We make sure to use the correct chemicals and the right amount of pressure to insure we do not encounter any damage to your property. Third we use our soft low pressure method when spraying your house. You will find out company to be more effective cleaning at low pressure to ones that use more pressure because we use a well thought out technique that will cause no damage to your house.

2. I have seen very low prices from some advertising, are your prices higher?

We are very competitive on our pricing. The companies that offer extremely low prices are cutting costs on equipment, using cold water, chemicals, and not carrying insurance. According to the Better Business Bureau low priced offers result in the most complaints and unresolved problems reported.

3. All pressure washing contactors are the same right?

Anyone can purchase a pressure washer and advertise their services, but this doesn't mean they can operate it effectively. A pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled operator can cause a great deal of damage. Just to name a few; wood carved into at to high of pressure, plants and lawn killed, siding blown off, paint peeled from house and even concrete cut and etched.

4. Is it important for power washers to have insurance?

Many contractors state they have insurance, but few actually have more than an automobile policy. If damage occurred to your home by a contractor, or an injury on your property you could easily be held responsible. Always ask for proof of insurance. That little question cold save you thousands of dollars. JM Pressure Washing carries a 2 million dollar insurance policy. We can provide this upon request. So to answer that question it most certainly is YES!

5. Do I have to be home when you're working on my property?

No, because we understand that you are just as busy as we are. All we ask is that you close all of your windows, clear your driveway or deck and put away fragile decorations on your home or deck. You will find your house exactly the way you found it, just a lot cleaner.

6. Do I need to have an outdoor water source?

No a water source is not required, but saves you money. If we provide the water we do charge an additional fee.

7. Do I really need to pressure wash? What are the benefits?

Just to name a few benefits of pressure washing is eliminating mold and mildew, better curb appeal, safety, and increased property value.

8. Can these stains around my house be removed, and what are they?

Siding: The dark stains on your siding you're seeing is mold. All mold needs to grow is moisture (humidity) and a food source and it will grow anywhere. Mold can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals. Gutters: The black streaks on your gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. Masonry: The black streaks can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals. The white powdery stuff is called Efflorescence. It is caused when water seeps through and dissolves salts inside then evaporates leaving the salt on the surface. It can be removed with the right pressure and chemicals.



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