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What are those stains on your Roof?

JM Pressure specializes in the cleaning and restoration of many surfaces, with roof cleaning being our area of expertise.  We provide professional quality roof cleaning and power-washing services that are quick, efficient, and affordable.  For over 10 years, JM Pressure has successfully served thousands of Long Islanders with in Suffolk County, with our roof cleaning services.  Our trustworthy and reliable specialists are experts in the field and can help get rid of stains on your roof, mold/mildew, and much more.  We not only have the necessary experience to safely clean your roof, but also the appropriate solutions, equipments, and know-how to do so without damaging your roof.  As a full-service roof cleaning company, we cater to residential homes, as well as commercial properties, as well. 

Roof Cleaners serving Suffolk County

Roofs are by far the single, most important structure on any building, whether it is a shed, home, apartment building, or place of business (commercial property).  As the primary component which provides shelter, safety, and warmth, roof maintenance is essential. Throughout the year, roofs take severe beatings from various weather conditions.  Water and moisture gets caught in the granules of the shingles, in between the shingles, and underneath.  Unfortunately, however, the moisture does not always dry out, especially in areas that are shaded from direct sunlight.  As a result, overtime, mold, mildew, algae, and dark stains will form, which is detrimental on so many levels.  If neglected and not properly power washed or maintained, there are serious consequences that one may face, including:

  • Stains – Water mixed with dirt and mold, mildew, or algae can create ugly eyesores and stains that are difficult to clean.
  • Lifted/damaged/missing shingles – Mold and mildew will grow underneath the shingles, prying them away from the roof’s foundation.
  • Rot and damage – Lifted shingles means the roof is not protected properly, which can allow water to get into the wood frame of the roof, causing rot and decay. 
  • Cracks – In concrete or brick buildings, untreated mold and algae can cause cracks and damage to the integrity of the structure.
  • Leaks – Lifted shingles indicate a poorly protected roof, which can lead to leaks.  Often these leaks go unidentified and severe damage has been incurred by the time it is seen.  Leaks and water damage can also seep into the walls of a building which is a safety hazard.
  • Health Problems – Algae, mold, and mildew is extremely dangerous to inhale for both animals and humans.  Leaky roofs can cause serious levels of mold build-up to occur.

Patio Power WashingJM Pressure can safely and effectively remove algae/mold/mildew and tough stains from your roof.  We use a “low pressure” solution that is gentile on your roof, but will easily destroys and kills the stains and plant-life that has used to your roof as its home.  This chemical is biodegradable and environmentally-safe so you don’t have to worry about your children or animals coming into contact with the run off. 

Our experts will also power-wash your roof on a low intensity pressure that will help break apart and wash away the unwanted stains and problems, but will not damage your roof.  In the end, JM Pressure can restore your roof and home/building to its former glory, making you proud to own it.

JM Pressure also performs a careful roof inspection during our visit, to ensure it is in good/safe condition.  This will not only alert you to any major problems, but allow you to repair minor problems before they get serious and expensive.

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