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Long Island Window Cleaning, JM Pressure

Many home and business owners overlook the importance of maintaining clean windows and the impact it has on individuals.  As with everything, the exterior of windows gradually accumulate layers of dirt, as a result of pollen, dirt, and other airborne particles being kicked up into the air.  At the same rate, the interior of a window can get just as dirty, as dust particles and microscopic particles of dead skin are always looming in the air. 

The accumulation of this dirty film is so gradual that it is hard to notice, but the result is windows that are cloudy, block natural light, and distort images.  While homeowners and everyday cleaning services may make solid attempts to properly cleaning windows, products such as Windex and Glass-X don’t have what it takes to cut through the layers of dirt, which is why hiring a professional window cleaning company is essential. 


Window Cleaning Professionals

Long Island windown cleaning company, JM Pressure is dedicated to providing our customers with residential and commercial window and pressure washing cleaning services that are nothing short of superior in quality.  Our highly-trained technicians are capable of taking on jobs and windows of any size and height.  All of our vans are stocked with the tools and equipment needed to attack everything from standard windows, to those that emphasize vaulted ceilings, as well as high-rise windows. 

Unlike the everyday man or woman, at JM Pressure, we have the chemicals and supplies needed to revitalize any window and make it shine.  New homes often come with an immediate pitfall – windows that are dirty from saw dust, overspray, and the glue from the manufacturer.  On the other end of the spectrum, older homes bring forth a different set of issues, with stained-glass windows, intricately designed windows, and windows that are just plain fragile.  You name it; our specialists have the knowledge and skill to remove the paint, glue, grime and more from any window, without damaging it.  All of the chemicals we use are safe and while they are tough on the dirt and grime, they are gentle on your windows.  We can even perform window cleaning services on your solar panels, in effort to ensure they are functioning at optimal energy efficiency. 

Window CleaningAs a professional window cleaning company, we provide turn-key services for both residential properties and commercial properties.  Our trustworthy and reliable technicians are both professional and personal, making for an easy work environment and relationship.  We offer our customers high-quality window cleaning services that are customized to each individual.  We will not only work around your schedule, but are available to work outside normal business hours anywhere in Nassau and Suffolk County.  Our specialty services are designed to present customers with an easy, hassle-free solution to their window problems at an affordable cost.  The next time you’re ready to shed some positive rays of light into your world, be sure to call the JM Pressure specialists.  We guarantee to make all of your windows shimmer, shine, and sparkle. 

Our Window Cleaning Services Include:

  • Standard residential windows
  • Designer window
  • Commercial windows
  • High-rises
  • Stained-glass
  • Restoring antique windows
  • Removing haze and fixing oxidized windows
  • Diminishing scratches
  • Seal coating windows with chemicals to protect them from oxidizing
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